Collaboration agenda with domestic and abroad university begins to be encouraged by postgraduate program of Muhammadiyah University of Yogyakarta (UMY), considering university’s role toward the success of the upcomingASEAN Economic Community (AEC) in 2015. Therefore, postgraduate program of UMY begins to initiate collaboration with Khon Kaen University on research collaboration.

Director of postgraduate program of UMY, Dr. Achmad Nurmandi M.Sc,  mentionsthe collaboration will be initiated on 2016. The research collaboration will focus on four majoraspects.“Those aspects are legal matters, governance related to conflict management, education, and health (trans.),”he stated when met during UMY’s lecturer discussion with Khon Kaen University, Wednesday (25/2).

Nurmandi also added that the recent concept implemented by Khon Kaen University is quite distinct.In its previous visit, Khon Kaen solely discussed inter-universityissues and academic program.Meanwhile on its latest visit, Khon Kaen expressed its intention to establish collaboration with postgraduate program of UMY.“Those who came also belong to postgraduate program. Thus, the collaboration we would establish will restrictedly involve lecturers and students of postgraduate program,” he later mentioned.

This collaboration is significant to be done by both universities to create better academic atmosphere. The research collaboration is also expected to continue as joint publication, which further allows both universities to publish their research on their shared scientific journal. “We are hoping to have joint publication. Thus, result of our research will not only be published in our respective journal, but can also be published in both universities. Take for example;when postgraduate lecturers or students of UMY are conducting research,they can publish the result in postgraduate program’s journal of Khon Kae University; or vice versa.” He explained.

Nurmandi also keeps the hope high that in the future the collaboration between postgraduate program of UMY and Khon Kaen University will expand widely, such as having student exchange or even staff exchange. These collaborations aim at increasing mobility between lecturers and students of both universities. “Moreover, in approaching the era of ASEAN Economic Country (AEC) students shall not only have knowledge about their own country, but shall also know about others; especially ASEAN countries. Besides, this will also allow them to exchange knowledge concerning their respective countries. Seeing that there are some Thailand’s students learn Bahasa Indonesia to Indonesia, we would also love to have some of our students learn Thai language to Thailand, (trans.)” he explained.

A similar view is also shared by the head of postgraduate program of Khon Kaen University, Prof. Surasakdi Wongratanacheewin, Ph.D. He expects that the collaboration between postgraduate program of Khon Kaen University with UMY could run well and maximum. “In addition for having research collaboration, in the near future we would also provide scholarship information for postgraduate students here. We expect this collaboration will run well and maximum to support the academic atmosphere of the campus, (trans.)” he said. (bhpumy)