How to Apply

To apply for Graduate Program of UMY, applicant can apply Online Admission

Required Documents:

  1. Softcopy of degree certificate
  2. Softcopy of academic transcript
    • File scan surat Ijin dari Instansi (Khusus MMR, MKEP)
    • File scan Ijazah NERS (Khusus MKEP)
    • File scan Transkrip nilai (Khusus MKEP)
    • File Pas Foto (Khusus MKEP)
    • File scan Jaminan Pembayaran Studi (Khusus MKEP)
    • File scan TPA 2 tahun terakhir (Khusus MKEP)
    • File scan TOEFL 2 tahun terakhir (Khusus MKEP)

Application Deadline

Graduate school flexibly allows International applicants apply throughout the year, but normally the first semester will begin in September and the second semester will begin in March. So, please make sure that you complete the application process before the deadline of your expected semester.

First Semester      : September – February    (Apply before July)

Second Semester : March – August             (Apply before January)

Duration of Study

Master’s Degree : minimum   2   years          maximum   4   years

Doctoral Degree :  minimum   3   years          maximum   8   years

Pendaftaran Mahasiswa Baru

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