Indonesia suffers from Social Syndrome

December 17, 2015 by : superadmin-pa

The condition of Indonesia nowadays in politics, economics, and social is apprehensive. Yet, it does not define a worse situation. Rather, it indicates unclear future. This is the social syndrome that Indonesia, the community, especially the elite leaders in all levels, is probably suffered from.

This idea was stated by TNI General (Ret) Dr. AM Hendropriyono, ST, SH, MH as the speaker in the seminar entitled “Country Sovereignty, Nation Safety, and National Leadership in aHeadlong Republic: the Elaboration of Intelligence Philosophy Book by General (Ret) Dr. AM. Hendropriyono.” This seminar is held by the Graduate Program Muhammadiyah University of Yogyakarta (UMY) at the main assembly room of AR Fakhruddin A 5th floor, UMY on Wednesday (9/10).

Hendro also stated that the most important aspect in this country is social justice. In fact, however, this was not internalized well due to the lack of understanding on its philosophy and nature. “Justice does not take side. It has, however, a place where it stands; that is at the hands of unfortunate people. That is justice. Therefore, for any acts of crime which are judged through compromise without a clear judgment of whichthe criminal is because of a filial relationship with the law enforcer, it is not justice.”

The former of Head of National Intelligence Board (BIN) added other factors that caused Indonesia to suffer from social syndrome, that are individuality and liberalization. Indonesia, in Hendro’s opinion, had to soon formulate the solutions for its condition nowadays. “Our ideology is Pancasila, yet we are now becoming more and more individualistic and liberal. This, indeed, does not conform to our ideology. So, we have to move out from this situation as soon as possible, and the key is intelligence,” he said.

Further he explained, intelligence was actually quick and precise action, and its function is to prevent threats. Besides, intelligence does not only belong to military but each individual must have and becomes intelligent because intelligence means intelligent. “Intelligence is a brain as the brain inside human, and it is the most essential brain. That is why each of us has to possess intelligence and sharpen it through art, culture and civilization. We need to build this intelligence to keep ourselves safe then assemble it together to keep the country safe. Therefore, we can move out from this situation. It is also important to accommodate and support it with intelligence regulations to build and keep the country safe,” he said.

Prof. Dr. Abdul MunirMulkan, as the second speaker in this seminar also mentioned that Indonesia is now challenged by theological corruption. The corruptors in this country have acted in all fields and cover all nation elites; they even performed religious-based corruption. Meanwhile, he said, the religious movements or communities see Indonesia through two different perspectives. “The first group sees this country as a blessing from God so that we have to be grateful by creating prosperous society through managing the natural resources professionally. Meanwhile, the other group sees this country as a bridge to pass in order to reach the desired era. As a result, democracy and national election or regional election become the media and tool to reach the ideal objective of authority based on sharia as they understand literally,” he explained.

However, as the professor and head of senate of UIN SunanKalijaga continued, in its development, these two groups started to synergize in their own way. “This causes new symptoms of variety which in the end will deteriorate the existence of this country. It is when they place the nation property as a non-illicit source to be corrupted and use the fact that this country is not made based on sharia regulation as their reason,” he said.

Therefore, Abdul Munir thinks that Indonesia as a nation and republic is in an “emergency” state, which is even possible to put Indonesia to downfall. “In this situation where corruption has involved nation elites whose background is religion-based movement, Indonesia will come to its downfall. Nevertheless, I am one of the pessimists that corruption can be eradicated without theological revolution. However, the theological action of Moslems, which are the majority of this country, will determine to which direction this nation will reach,” he asserted.