After fulfilling our religious duties during Ramadhan, at the end of this month we shall pray that our life be lengthen and be given an opportunity to meet Ramadhan next year.Beside wishing to be reunited with Ramadhan, it is also a must for us to maintain our health andbe maximum in fulfilling our duties and later be reunited with Ramadhan and fulfilling our religious duties properly. This was conveyed by Moh Afandi, S.Kep., Ns., MAN while delivering taushiyah as well as opening the event of health examination and counseling for Gamping Kota community organized by Master of Nursing UMY in collaboration with Nursing Department of Central Taiwan University of Science and Technology on August 9th, 2014. Furthermore, Affandi who is one of lecturers for Master of Nursing UMY, added that one way to maintain good health is to do medical check-up,  from which the result may be used in identifying habbits and lifestyle needed to be corrected to gain healthier life and ability to practice one’s religious duty properly.

Similarly, Nurvita Risdiana, S.Kep., Ns., M.Sc. as the program coordinator , stated by doing medical check-up health status can be determined and improved.It is significant to retain the title of Yogyakarta as the province with the highest life expectancy in Indonesia. Nurvita mentioned that through health examination and counseling Nursing’s lecturers of UMY are given opportunity to contribute themselves for community according to their field of science.
Not only a collaboration with CTUST Taiwan, this event is also the collaboration between UMY and chairmanship of Muhammadiyah Branch for Gamping Kota.This event, held in Asy Syakur Mosque Gamping, was attended by 110 elderly people in Gamping Kota. Residents of Gamping Kota highly welcome this event, some say that they wish the same event will be held again on the next Syawal month.