The unending problems of this country have more unsolved setbacks. Indonesia is indeed a big country, yet it has to deal with complicated and intricate problems. In order to solve the problems, the intellectuals have to stand out as problem solver who will give hopes. At least, they can learn from Kuntowijoyo.

The former of Head of Muhammadiyah Center, Prof. Dr. SyafiiMa’arif, conveyed this idea in a talk show of Prophetic Social Science (ISP) in celebrating the 70th year of Kuntowijoyo at AR Fakhruddin Building 5th floor at UMY, Tuesday (24/9). This talk show was opened by UMY Rector, Prof. Dr. BambangCipto, MA and invited Drs. Said TuhuleleyChairil Anwar, Dr. Muhammad Supraja, and Drs. KhairusSalim HS, M.Si.

Seen from ISP studies, the ideas spread by Kuntowijoyo, as stated by Syafii, were in line with the principles of Muhammadiyahvirtues especially the study on Al-Ma’un (about scolding orphans and care to the poor). In Kuntowijoyo’s idea, corruption, government budget plan (APBN) which does not support the poor, and community organization which does not represent their concern on the poor are faith-based fibber. “These ideas need to be developed, not only in Muhammadiyah, but also to all community organization in Indonesia to make everyone concern more on social problems which happen in the community,” explained Syafii who is usually called as buya.

In this opportunity, Syafii described Kuntowijoyo as someone who had no enemy and was sociable to anyone. He thought that this character must be possessed by anyone considering the worst condition of religious concordance nowadays. “Kunto’s characters can be exemplified by anyone because he can control himself and intercommunicate with anyone. No one hates him. No radical community or other community criticizes him,” said Kuntowijoyo’s bestfriend.

He also discussed about the science that became Kuntowijoyo’s passion that were history and literature. Seen from the history, Syafii mentioned Indonesia was not colonialized for 350 years because Indonesia was established in 1920s. “For this reason, we have to read the history carefully and find precise reference. It is nonsense to know that Indonesia was colonized for 350 years. We have to be good reader in history. Kunto is one of them. He is someone who really concerns about history,” said Prof Syafii in an event held by the Graduate Program in Political Science (MIP) UMY.

In line with Syafii, one of KuntowijoyoChairil Anwar’s best friends stated that Kuntowijoyowould not compromise when he talked about history. He was also sure that history would lead human to a better understanding on the meaning of life. “Kunto knows no compromise in discussing history. For him, it is the utmost important thing in life,” explained Chairil.

Kuntowijoyo is a Moslem intellectual who is also an expert on history and fond of literature. He has published numerous writings such as reference books, novels, short stories and other writings. His monumental books are, to mention but few, Paradigma Islam, Mantra Pejinak Ular, Khutbah Diatas Bukit, Impian Amerika and others. (syah)